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DevOps/Network Engineer
Promontory Interfinancial Network Aug 2012Present

Develop and maintain web application deployment pipelines. Build code, rebuild vmware virtual machines, deploy code, test, and changed traffic via F5 LTM. Blue/Green deployment strategies were used to help facilitate any-time deployments.

Develop and maintain Ansible roles, playbooks and modules for configuration management, orchestration and various ad-hoc tasks.

Develop and maintain ad-hoc jobs in Jenkins using Ansible to perform automated tasks such as Cisco and Checkpoint configuration backups stored in Bitbucket, Checkpoint log backup and rotation, network device validation, audit reports, re-routing VoIP traffic and more.

Learned and practice principles and methods like Agile, Scrum and Kanban. Use tools such as Jira, Confluence and BitBucket.

Automated F5 configuration and management using the REST API and SSH with various languages and methods including PHP, Python and Ansible.

Lead a 3 person team, including myself, to successfully run a proof of concept in less than 30 days to automate the deployment and run one of our web applications in AWS. We used Jenkins, Puppet, Cloudformation, Load Balancers (ELB vs F5).

Created operations dashboard using PHP and Bootstrap to show on-call information, speed tests, email forms for incident and maintenance notifications, website status information and more.

Used Tripwire to track and audit changes to servers and network devices. Switched to UpGuard to leverage the Jira integration and REST api to automate adding and deleting nodes, running scans, report generation, and more.

Lead and manage projects by organizing meetings, documenting processes and procedures, arranging schedules and coordinating maintenances and verifications across multiple teams.

Perform routine maintenance and patching on network equipment such as Cisco switches and routers, F5 LTM, F5 GTM, Blue Coat, RSA and Checkpoint for bugfixes and vulnerabilities.

Designed, planned and lead team to perform a network upgrade in three datacenters. Switched to a top of the rack design, reduced footprint and conslidated racks. Upgraded from a 1GB Cisco IOS switched network to a 10GB Cisco Nexus switched network.

Relocated headquarter office and the datacenter to a new a building. Inventoried existing infrastructure and reduced clutter prior to move. Worked closely with executive management and vendors to ensure proper installation. Planned and coordinated copper and fiber cabling. Setup and installed new user switches.

Planned and performed a Cisco router upgrade to the wide area network between three datacenters.

Use Solarwinds to monitor servers and network devices. Administer nodes, views and access. Perform troublshooting and upgrades. Use ExtraHop to monitor network traffic performance and track errors. Use Splunk for log aggregation and alerting.

Represent the Network Engineering team in weekly change request meetings. Automated a daily report of change requests and the current status.

Perform routine network administration tasks such as whitelisting ip addresses and urls in firewalls, cisco acls, and blue coat proxies. Review firewall logs and troubleshoot connectivity and access issues. Configure switch ports, review logs and check for errors.

Rack and stack servers, SANs, and network equipment.

Enterprise Network Manager
BiTH Group, Full Circle, Digicon Corporation Mar 2001Aug 2012

Contracted to Baltimore City Mayor's Office of Information Technology.

Promoted from Workstation Engineer to Server/Database Engineer to Wide Area Network Engineer to Enterprise Network Manager.

Manage and oversee all network (WAN and LAN), fiber/copper infrastructure and datacenter operations. Manage tasks, time and responsibilities for the network team. Responsible for defining work plans and deadlines for staff as well as training curriculums.

Responsible for defining standards and security models for the Enterprise, as well as implementing and monitoring. Generates and reviews reports on network activity – statistic graphing as well as written reports. Write project proposals and justifications for executive managerial approval. Advise executive management on issues, flaws or desired/required upgrades.

Work with vendors to evaluate and demo new technologies. Develop evaluation strategies for most efficiency. Determine if the product has any validity in the environment – Feature Set, Cost, ROI, TCO, etc.

Responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining over 700 Cisco network switches, routers and firewalls. Manage and oversee all network related tasks and projects. Project management lead for network installations in new buildings, renovations and upgrades – tasks include managing fiber vendors, cabling vendors and designing, configuring and deploying network infrastructure. Perform routine network maintenance, monitoring and backups using such tools as Solarwinds Orion NPM, RANCID and other custom/self-written scripts and utilities using PHP and Perl.

Designed, configured, deployed and actively maintain a TopLayer (now Corero) IPS appliance solution in a wrapped firewall methodology protecting three ISP connections, two DMZs and the internal network.

Responsible for the Baltimore Police Department’s CCTV camera network. Handle new fiber or wireless camera installations and network connectivity. Work with other local or state departments for firewalled access in and out of camera networks.

Responsible for designing, deploying and managing network connectivity for the Command Centers at the first ever Grand Prix Race in Baltimore City. Provided resources for the Police and Fire Departments along with OEM, DPW, DOT and many others.

Handle emergency response situations for network connectivity in the event of fiber cuts, weather related damage, fires, etc. typically by deploying cellular or point-to-point wireless solutions. Designing and installing a City wide VoIP solution using Cisco Servers, Gateways/Routers, and Switches. Redundancy using SRST and local POTS and/or PRI lines and a combination of E911 and local 911. Using a combination of SIP trunks and PRI circuits eventually converting entirely to SIP trunks. The project also upgrades and standardizes on 3560X or 3750X series switches for all VoIP and Data services.

Designing and planning a Core upgrade from a Cisco 6509E to a Nexus 7010. Designing and planning a multi-datacenter consolidation and outsourcing. Upgrading backbone services to ten gigabit. Designing and installing a new fiber ring upgrading all Fire Houses from broadband to gigabit fiber. Upgrading equipment to new PoE capable switches for future VoIP support.

Designed, configured and deployed a successful DMVPN solution using two redundant Cisco 7206VXR hub routers with multiple ISP support at the hub (core) and spokes (facilities). VPN support using EasyVPN and L2TP for client access. Migrated from Checkpoint SecureRemote/SecureClient to L2TP as the primary client access VPN method. IPSEC/GRE VPN tunnels with EIGRP are used for spokes.

Designed, configured and deployed an enterprise wireless solution using redundant internal Cisco wireless controllers along with a guest anchor controller and a WCS server leveraging LWAPP. Active directory authentication used for internal access via radius.

Upgraded the network core from a Cisco 6506 to a Cisco 6509E. Performed a CatOS to Cisco IOS conversion on the Cisco 6506. Consolidated "Outside Agency" resources from multiple Cisco 1700s, 1800s, 3550s to a single Cisco 6506.

Performed numerous Checkpoint Firewall upgrades involving new software and/or new hardware. Actively maintain and monitor a clustered Checkpoint Firewall solution.

Converted the network from a Layer 2 network to a Layer 3 network using OSPF and EIGRP.

Decommissioned over 100+ media converters, replacing them with SFPs or GBICs. Performed IP migrations from static to dhcp as well as one subnet to another.

Responsible for setting up multi-vendor racks (Dell, HP, Compaq, APC, etc.) and racking multi-vendor equipment.

Manage several Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat, FreeBSD, NetBSD) installations for various functions like TACACS+, NTP, TFTP, Apache, Lighttpd, Mailman, etc.

Designed and implemented a full VMWare ESX and SAN environment and responsible for consolidating over fifty physical servers.

Wrote an application called "COB-MGMT", first written in VBScript as a remote polling script, then modified as a Perl Windows service, then re-written to C# as a Windows service. A custom ASP web interface for settings management and information viewing with filters and export functions. The service is pushed out by a patch management application, Patchlink, to all 5,000+ workstations, as well as the several hundred servers. The application manages local credentials, records workstation information and allows remote functions for file and registry changes. Uses a SQL database backend for settings and collection information.

Wrote a Windows service using C# to monitor defined Active Directory groups and send emails alerting system administrators of changes.

Wrote a custom knowledge base application in ASP for the PC Technicians to track problems and resolutions. The data was later migrated to PHPBB.

Managed and performed projects involving full workstation, server and network assessments. Wrote several scripts and applications to automate information gathering and setting changes affecting thousands of workstations and hundreds of servers. Responsible for designing and planning server installations or upgrades. Responsible for server and client troubleshooting in a Windows (Primarily), Linux and MAC environment. Managed file servers with custom shares and disk plus file level quotes. Responsible for maintaining Print Servers, File Servers, Application Servers, Citrix/Terminal Servers, Oracle and SQL Servers, Domain Controllers, GIS Servers, SANs, etc. Installed and configured an EMC, HP and a 3Par SAN using Brocade SAN switches. Responsible for backups using Tape Libraries (DLT, LTO) via SCSI and Fiber Channel, using Backup Exec 8.6 and 10d. Monitored servers using tools like ipMonitor, What’s Up Gold/Professional, Solarwinds and Quest Software (ex. Spotlight). Wrote and designed the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology’s internal Intranet site. Site contains forms for Server and Network Change Control, User Account Requests, Workstation Standards, etc.

Team member assisting with the design, planning and implementation of Exchange 2003. Assisted with Outlook profile migrations and client access.

Team member responsible for designing, configuring and deploying the Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory for over 8,000 people and 5,000 workstations. Managed teams and performed migrations from approximately twenty unique NT domains into a single common domain. Handled User, Computer, Group or OU modifications.

Network Administrator
Invensys-Pritchett Aug 2000Mar 2001

Handled all day to day tasks on all servers and workstations. Administered and maintained the Windows NT 4.0 domain. Wrote custom login scripts to automate drive mapping and application settings. Setup and managed backups using Veritas Backup Exec 7.5. Maintained a virus free environment using Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0/7.5. Performed routine workstation builds, upgrades and patching. Wrote custom inventory management system in Access 2000.

Global Knowledge
Advanced Architecting on AWS
Self Study
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
ONLC Training Centers
Introduction to Python 3 Advanced Python 3 Programming
Global Knowledge
Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Global Knowledge
Architecting on AWS
Secure Ninja
EC-Council CEH Certified
Certified Ethical Hacker
Global Knowledge
F5 Local Traffic Manager
Frederick Community College
Cisco Certified Network Associate Microsoft Certified Professional
CCNA Networking Academy MCSE 2000 Track
Self Study
Network+ A+
a fast, purley bash powerline-style bash prompt
misc projects and playground.